Monday 16 February 2015

I Know it’s only Swindon Show but I like it!

With the support band having finally left the stage it will soon be time for UK Bonsai’s Headline Act to open the 2015 season with a “bang”. Paul and his Motley Crew of helpers do a fantastic job year on year and it looks like this year’s edition will be no Accept-tion! I will again be travelling down on our Iron Horse with Stone (Deaf Forever) Monkey along with all the other Twisted Sisters and Bönsai-heads looking for their annual fix of trees, pots and sausage rolls! 

Andy and I always enjoy this Show (along with many, many others) and although seen by some as “only” a Club Show it’s fast become the season opener as the Heathrow Show is now seen as the season closer in the UK. The finest of traders will again be plying their wares, some with feet still bleeding after the run back from Noelanders, and I’m sure that there will be something for everyone’s taste and pocket book. From pots to trees, tables to scrolls, stones to books you’ll find everything that you ever want (but were too afraid to ask) all under one roof. 

However, there is one draw back, I’ve been lucky enough to have be allowed some table space with the Award Winning Stone Monkey Ceramics* although I have been told by the organisers that I might have to sit on the naughty step if I’m not a good boy. Either way, you won’t miss me as I’ll be the chap in the kinky boots and the worst dress sense this side of the 70’s – Party on dude! 

(*Has anyone mentioned this?)

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