Thursday, 15 September 2011

Flat-Out Frog Finally Catches Up!!

Where gas the Summer gone?? Last time I wrote we were getting ready to head off to Silverstone and now here we are mid September and staring down the barrel of Autumn. So here’s a short overview of what’s been happening on the Frog’s lily pad.

Silverstone was a real blast, great weather, superb atmosphere with plenty to see & do. To be able to see all the vintage racing cars up so close and have free access to the pit and paddock area (including the new Silverstone “wing”) was fabulous. Being the F1 nerd that I am I had to check out the Red Bull pit from the GP held earlier in the month. Red Bull are one of the few teams to decorate the floor of their pit so it was great to see Mark Webber’s “box” and have our pictures taken. The whole weekend was top notch from the racing to the fun fair, the areo displays to the open air concerts and of course being ferried around on old routemaster buses - Priceless!

With the school summer holidays upon us we shipped the kids off to the outlaws (well for most of the time but that’s a different story!) so Sal & I could get some domestic chores done. I was lucky enough to be left Home Alone for a week which was a perfect opportunity to work on my Accent pot business. SUTEKI Accents was born out of interest and encouragement from my Bonsai and now Pottery mentor Andy. After a toe in the water I dove straight in and got a trade space at the Bonsai World Show in Crawley. I’ll post this story later..............

Well, that about brings me up to date. Still busy on the Bonsai and pot front and I’ll also be babysitting a fellow MBS Members trees (aka The Grown Up Baby!) next month for a few weeks so I’ll have to be uber careful with my watering. I don’t want him to come home to firewood for a dolls house!!