Friday, 17 August 2012

Beer, Bonsai & BBQ - what can go wrong?

I'll be hosting the Annual MBS Chairman's Garden Party again this year on Sundy.  Last year was quite well attended and the weather was fair so I'm hoping for mor of the same this year, well, I know that the weather should be stonking!!  Refresments will also be available throughout the day with Lunch also being served which is an excuse for me to dust of m'pinny and have another bash at the Ole BBQ lark.

I always try and do some unusal  veggies and salads (along with the customary “man-food”) but this time around I thought I'd add some extra bits to my Menu.  I’ve been thinking about trying some of these dishes for a while and as I know that there will be at least 1 Vegetarian with us on the day it was a good enough excuse to experiment.  It's like your trees, try something new out on someone else's FIRST before you carry it out on your own (only joking fellow MBS Members - honest!)

Dishes will include:- Minted Cucumber & Cherry Tomato salad, char-roasted New Potatoes with sweet peppers (I do some wrapped in bacon with mushrooms as well!), Sweet grilled onions with balsamic splash, Mediterranean Fire Tomatoes with oregano and black olives, Carrot, Cumin & Lemon salad, garlic Pitta fingers and Spinach & Blue Cheese Mushroom cups. I’m also thinking of doing Fire roasted Red Pepper & Nectarine salad.

The event is a Social day as well as a Workshop.  Everyone is welcome to pop-in at any time, for as long as they like and of course partners are more than welcome to attend.  I even hope to get some Bonsai work done this year!!