Thursday, 12 February 2015

Everythang’s Groovy Baby!

Star date 240120.15 

Buoyed after the taming of “The Walrus” confidence amongst the crew was very high so with the addition of Ensign Royal we set off on another mission to rid the Bonsai Universe of “sticks in pots”. Our next alien encounter was not an alien at all but another native from this part of the galaxy. This tree had been in training since my early Academy days and was heading down a very Japanese route which was pleasing but something just didn’t seem right.

Something just wasn't working for me with this tree
Whilst various discussions ensued there was a tragic phaser accident. Simon, with his branch cutters set to “stun” – or so he thought, let rip with 2 bursts and the creature immediately had limbs drop to the ground! While the others ran for the nearest polystyrene boulder the shocked rookie examined the devastation and was heard to say “it was getting a bit leggy anyway”! Obviously shocked by what had just happened Ensign Royal asked for an immediate transfer and left the remaining away team to try and save the mission. With the crew depleted by a third a steady hand and sharp mind was needed but as we had neither it was left to the Wiley Will to rescue the tree. As retribution for his hideous actions Simon was left with the delicate task of wiring the apex of the tree to form a new crown, all under the watchful eye of his Sensei. With some light pruning and some minor branch placement the tree came back to life but there is some “pruning homework” to do on the branches before or at re-potting time but this tree is now also on the right path – owner permitting! 

Still some way to go but on to better things!

With the dilithium crystals replenished and the trees safely packed in the cargo bay it was time to break orbit and head for Starbase 1 for much needed maintenance. For those of you who may be passing this quadrant of the universe, Will is an excellent, patient teacher* and although facially looks like a bit of a “Tribble” these days, an all-round good egg. If you haven’t been there go, and if you have, go again as you never know what you might come home with from hydroponics! (*he must be he put up with me) 

For anyone wondering why with all the Star Trek references it’s in part homage to a band that Will and I enjoy “Gaye Bykers on Acid” and partly because I’m a fruitcake! 

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