Monday 31 December 2012

Almost Famous!

Earlier this year I was interviewed by Tony Tickle, as part of his Bonsai Potters Showcase, and this has now gone live here.

Tony has been a friend and Bonsai mentor of mine for a quite a while now and I was very surprised to say the least when he asked me to take part.  Although it took part at Willowbog in early 2012 to be posted at all is a great honour indeed considering that he has interviewed some of the best Bonsai potters in Europe.  Kicked off by by my best bud Andy “Stone Monkey” Pearson after Swindon last year this series has grown into an interesting insight into European  Bonsai ceramics.  My latest creations can be found on my website

If you get a chance do checkout some of the previous interviews and please don’t laugh too much at my story.  Still a way to go but “almost famous”!