Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Formula Fun

With the F1 season now lurching into a regular fortnightly routine, and certain aspect of Bonsai driving me crazy, I thought I’d have a little play around with some die-cast model cars.  As you may know I get quite a kick out of creating one offs and as a way of increasing my Bonsai revenue I often “upgrade” a car that I have to (hopefully) increase its value.

As die-cast models are toys they quite rightly do not carry logos for any kind of cigarette advertising.   I have been doing “toys to Rothmans liveried toys” for quite a while mainly for my own collection.  Whilst fishing around my scraps box I notice I had some spare decals that would enable me to update a 1998 Williams F1 car into a “Winfield” liveired car.  Not the usual that a lot of collectors produce but a fully, 100% race version from the Australian GP.  Below are the 2 different versions for comparison. 


OK, nothing to get too excited about to the casual eye but “night & day” to a collector.  Added to this all my cars have special bespoke inlay cards making then all unique.  Really good fun and sad to see them go in a way but with over 60 “real” models to make I really need the room.