Tuesday 17 September 2013

Bonsai is about the Journey, not just the destination!

During my Bonsai Journey, I've been lucky enough to have met, and studied, under some Bonsai Folk.  Here's a few early photos of some of the one's I've met - can you guess who's who?

Rick, Vivian, Neil and Mike, "Young Ones", I'll let you decide who's who!

Love the Lumber Jack jacket!
This will be a Gold Medal Winner before you know it

What a "talent" we have here

....... and more "talent"

This man doesn't like "pissing the birds off" especially in Northumberland

2 Bonsai Gods for the price of 1 - the one on the right winning a scholarship!
Before he got Tango'd and grew long arms - LOL

The quite one's are the ones to watch - true bonsai hero to me

F**k me, a local lad!!

................. and finally a nicer bloke you couldn't meet