Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bonsai is about the Journey, not just the destination!

During my Bonsai Journey, I've been lucky enough to have met, and studied, under some Bonsai Folk.  Here's a few early photos of some of the one's I've met - can you guess who's who?

Rick, Vivian, Neil and Mike, "Young Ones", I'll let you decide who's who!

Love the Lumber Jack jacket!
This will be a Gold Medal Winner before you know it

What a "talent" we have here

....... and more "talent"

This man doesn't like "pissing the birds off" especially in Northumberland

2 Bonsai Gods for the price of 1 - the one on the right winning a scholarship!
Before he got Tango'd and grew long arms - LOL

The quite one's are the ones to watch - true bonsai hero to me

F**k me, a local lad!!

................. and finally a nicer bloke you couldn't meet