Tuesday, 11 March 2014

About Bloody Time!

It's with great pleasure that I can announce that my best bud Andy, the Colossus in Ceramics, made a winning return to Bonsai ceramics supplying the pot for the BSA@s "Best Tree and Pot Combo" Award. As many "tried" to point out at the weekend the tree wasn't a Bonsai (sorry, wrong!) it must have been the pot that swung it! 

Congrats mate and here's to some more of the same.
(Well done to Les too!)

Maaame, my Mame!

Maame, my Mame! Last weekend was, so far, probably the proudest moment in my Bonsai journey as I finally ticked one off of the “Bucket List” and won my first ever BSA Award. It came as a real surprise that I scooped any Awards at the UK’s premier Shohin Show let alone 2! As ever the Show was well attended with the quality of the trees getting better and better year on year so to come home with a “gong” is very humbling. To do it in front of “teacher” and many of my far flung Bonsai Chums was the icing on the cake it’s just a shame a mentor Andy “Stone Monkey” couldn’t be there to join in the party. 

Firstly Best Tree Progression 

Best Mame Display 


Competition in both categories was hotly contested and I think that it was a close cut thing between Bill, Fiona and myself for the Mame award and it was great for British Bonsai as both trees in the composition were UK natives – Will Baddeley and the EBF will be proud! So where do I go from here? Well, my Shohin pencil needs sharpening if I want to take them to the next level but I’ll (hopefully) have another couple of years to hone this display as well as improve my Mames.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Swindon Winter Image 2014

Sunday saw my first Bonsai “Play Day” of the year and what a great affair it was. Due to my fellow Shitenian Les being on the physios table* I travelled down with the new MBS Chairman Jose aka Sam. We had a great journey down (mainly as I’d band his Sat-Nav) and he told me about his hopes and expectations for the future of the Club and himself.  Totally honest in his best "Spainglish" his humour and passion are addictive.  Seems like the folks at Maidstone have a great guy in charge, unlike the last one! 
2 hours, and no detours, later we arrived and instantly bumped into some Maidstone Club members as well as many of my Bonsai Buds and easily slipped into Bonsai Mode. I don’t really see much point in hosting any pictures of the Show ‘cos (a) I didn’t take a camera and (b) there are plenty of really good ones out there already. For a direct link check out Uncle Fester’s Blog site (aka Dangerous Bry Blog) who has taken some cracking photos and is also an all-round good egg – sorry mate, couldn’t resist! Sam and I both had a plan re purchases and I think that we both kept to budget. I must share this little beauty with you though. I brought this pot from my great chum Dave Sampson and although it is damaged it is a little gem made by Youho (I understand that they also make glue!). 

If this pot had been “mint” I could never have afforded it in a month of Sundays but Dave did me a truly huge favour as it is exactly the size I needed but he still managed to keep it within budget – cheer bud! 

So there you have it, first jolly of the year and one to be remembered. My thanks must go to Paul and all the organisers of this first class Show – you did it again guys!

Finally I must say how WONDERFUL it was to see Big Steve and Dougie Mudd after their recent traumas. Two of the nicer guys and stalwarts of the British UK scene if ever there were, and it was good to see you guys looking so well. Tough breed this Bonsai lot! 

*Get well soon mate, we’ve got Willowbog soon!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Normal Service will be Resumed

Due to incidents (and idiots) beyond my control SUTEKI Accents pot production and web presence had to be suspended. Now with brighter times on the horizon and a new workshop coming on line soon I will be re-launching the website and working full steam ahead for my 1st ever display (hopefully) at the Magical Bonsai Accents Show in July.

So full steam ahead, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Time to stop Horsing Around!

Happy (if very belated) New Year to one and all and welcome to 2014.  This year promises new beginnings and opportunities but no resolutions; I’m getting too old for that sort of malarkey!

2013 was a bit of a mixed bag for me and my family but all in all I’m quite happy to see the back of it, well at least the last few months anyway.  What started off well soon tailed off into chaos and disappointment caused by a few nameless individuals.  Lessons were learned the hard way in some cases but you really do find out who will stand by you in troubled times.  Thanks to all who helped keep me sane and out of trouble, true friend indeed.

So, it’s time to get “back on the horse” which is quite apt for 2014 really.  With a new kitchen and ceramics/bonsai workshop up and running in the next few weeks and with Swindon and Willowbog not too far away plenty to keep me busy if very, very tired.  I shouldn’t complain really but why not stick at what I’m good at!

Keep well everyone and I look forward to catching up with many of you in my travels,
Love, Peace & Bananas, Simon