Monday, 11 November 2013

SUTEKI Trees & Accents at Heathrow Show

Last weekend it was my first “proper” chance to fly solo since CKB last year and also the first outing for the Shiten Bonsai Society (SBS) and as this was our first assignment, we wanted to make it look good! Although the largest contingent of trees belonged to Sensei Storey I did chip in a couple of previously unseen trees and had free rein as to the layout of the display which was a really buzz. 

You’ll find the trees posted HERE on the SBS Blog. It’s no Accent-dent that I’m using this post to share some of the plantings that caught my eye. It has been expressed in some circles that the quality of the companion plantings/compositions have really risen in the last few years and I would agree - well mostly, as we did have a wee giggle at on Accent displayed behind a very, very large tree. I hope that you enjoy these little beauties as much as I did! 

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