Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Appetite for Destruction

You may have noticed that I’ve (again) been off of the radar but this time for a good reason – Mass Destruction!! 

The Suteki “Shed” is no more and makes way for our new “Glass Extension” - posh way of saying a Conservatory. This will house our new kitchen and dining room allowing us a proper grown up Lounge and Utility room/new Workshop. No more out in the cold and dark to pot my trees or to make my pots and it will still have a fridge (as it is the “old” Kitchen) for m’beer. Mmmmmm, beer good! 

Here’s an artist’s impression of the extension which will have some of our new “toys” including my set of Bugatti kitchen scales, a Porsche designed sink (hopefully) and some of our funky new furniture. Progress photos will be uploaded as and when. Enjoy!

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