Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Natural Flux – Novocaine for my Soul!

I’d really been looking forward to this event since I heard “Rumours” of it happening and I wasn’t to be disappointed. Having seen release pictures on t’internet my interest had been really fired up but it did little to prepare me for what I was about to see. Respected Bonsai Artist Steve Tolley trades under the name “4 dimensional art” with the 4th dimension being time, Natural Flux proved to be a “must see” 3 dimensional exhibition because the photos that I had seen didn’t do the exhibits justice. As many of my trees can easily be flattered by 2D photography to look much better than they really are, the “real life” experience of the exhibition made the photos I’d seen look flat and lifeless! 

Some of the trees themselves were not really of a Show standard but I think that that was sort of the point. The Beech in the “hill” pot by John Pitt was slender and elegant but lacked ramification and structure but still looked delightful. Each composition was thought provoking and elegant in its own way. I was very, very taken with the Rabbit Foot fern that seemed to have “evolved” on a stack of rusty industrial cogs – very natural, very real. My “star” of the Show was the Star Jasmine in its Clare Wakefield pot, totally orgasmic! Now, I hate to single any of the artists out for praise (as some of them are my closest friends) but I’d love to see some of Clare’s pots in a conventional Bonsai Show and see the reaction to them amongst the Bonsai Community.  Here's a link - Enjoy! naturalfluxbonsai

So to close – Peter, you have been very brave and it seems that you have finally “scratched that itch” that has been bugging you for a while and boy have you. What you have brought us is a new, refreshing and thought provoking look at the art that we all love so much. Seen by many as the “quite man of Bonsai" it was fantastic to see you working the room as you were so in YOUR zone. Words of congratulation do not seem enough somehow as your event raised my spirit and my soul after what has been a trying and painful (literally) few weeks. Thank you my friend and may Natural Flux be the start of your star in ascendancy!

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