Thursday, 31 January 2013

Turning Heads

My friend Adrian is one of the few disabled bonsai hobbyists that I know.  Like me, he enjoys making things from scratch (mainly, in my case model cars) and he really surprised me, and it seems many within the Bonsai community, with his revolving and tilting workbench.  There are not too many times that things come onto the market that are a “must have” but I feel that what he has produced falls into this bracket.  Seen being used by UK professionals, at the UK New Bonsai Talent contest and now being used in Europe after successful sales at Burrs this little gem is a joy to work with.

Although originally aimed at the Shohin market this stand will hold up to 6kg so also ideal for smaller Chuhin trees.  Here’s what Peter Warren had to say on Adrian’s gadget:-

“I found it to be a great little table, much better than the one I had previously which had a similar design but the ball joint and the clamp was too slack so I never used it.  This one has a very secure and stable feel to it, and especially combined with the turntable it makes for easy work and easy work makes for good work.  They will be for sale at the Shohin UK show next year no doubt, but for any Shohin enthusiast, I would recommend it.”
High praise indeed. 

Adrian is working on a larger floor standing model and I’m sure that it will be as popular as his table top version.  You can order yours by visiting Adrian's new website HERE or keep an eye out for him at a Bonsai Show near you!

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