Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year from Suteki!

Apologies for my lack of recent “posts” but this is due to a) I’m totally erratic at posting at the best of times, b) lack of, or extremely intermittent, broadband and c) having to babysit 2 unwell children over the Christmas period.  Not having a landline “jelly-bone” was quite interesting (just goes to show how often it got used!) but the lack of internet did prove frustrating!  Any-ho, I digress!

I’m extremely proud of what I achieved with Suteki Accent Pots during 2012 whether it was the fantastic sales (especially at CKB) or seeing my pots or plantings being used in formal displays.  My thanks go to all my customers and friends that have given me encouragement to continue with what I enjoy.  Thanks again for your support, next stop my pots at a “Top” Show!

Talking of Celebrating Kent Bonsai, I think that that had to be right at the top of my “proud moments of the year” list.  OK, I’m gunna toot my own horn here but I think that the Show was one of the best events this part of the country has ever had.  The feedback was tremendous (no pun intended) and bearing in mind it was my first large scale organisational event I’m very, very pleased with the outcome.  The help and support that I received from Kent’s Club members and traders alike was fantastic and I couldn’t have organised the event without their input, but I’m pleased for me.  Lots of stress, plenty of sleepless nights but an overall feeling of a “job well done” outweighed everything.

So what does 2013 hold for the Fiendish Frog?  Well I’m gunna be continuing to explore new avenues on the pot front, new glazes, designs etc.  My last batch, available here, went down a storm along with a couple of new colours that I managed to “sell” to one of the UK’s best Shohin pot makers – sorry bud could resist it!  Although I’m gunna miss Noelanders I’m really looking forward to the Swindon Winter Image and Shohin UK Shows along with Bonsai World later in the year.  Best of British Bonsai – the jury’s still out for me I’m afraid!  Lastly, but probably most importantly, it’s another year back at school.  2012, plus the trees in my garden, proved to me that although I’m on the right path I still need to improve some of my basic skills.  I’ve mentally planned my curriculum for the year but will have to see how the pennies, and pots, go.

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