Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Drawing on inspiration


Whilst looking back on my personal Bonsai year I spent some time looking at what has inspired me and areas where I need to improve on.  One area that separates the pros form us mere morals is that use of design sketches.   One of my Bonsai heroes, Will Baddeley,* has produced (and encourages us to embrace) some stunning designs for members on his Forum (the European Bonsai Forum) as well as at the many Workshops he attends.  Although “art” might not be everyone’s strong point it’s worth taking the time to give it a go.

Whilst at the Burrs Workshop in November many of the professional artists used this medium to help explain their design “vision” for the material but it also helps the owner to refine the overall design over the following years.  Here’s what I mean………….

I know that myself, along with many other novices, benefit from having a blueprint for future work and it also provides an excellent part of a trees progression, just ask anyone lucky enough to be the owner of an original Slovak or a Baddeley!

*Check out Will’s Blog here