Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Who do you think you are – Stirling Moss?

No, Stirling Haddon actually!!
Stirling does take after daddy when it comes to racing cars.  Hooked, along with his sister, at a very young age he always seemed to have quite a good aptitude for karting.  Well this year as a birthday present we got him a day’s training and practice at Buckmore Park near Chatham.  Over the years it has had many a future Formula 1 star grace the circuit including current British stars Jenson Button & Lewis Hamilton.  Time for the next generation to have a stab!

Start Finish "Straight"
Safety equipment and briefing complete it was time to walk the track and try and learn the racing line.  Before too long his time had come to taste the speed of a 30mph kart for the very first time.  The sessions were fast and furious, sometimes too furious, but Stirling gradually improved to set a best lap time of the day of 41.03sec.  This compares to the best of the day by anybody (his group included drivers up to 13 years old) of 36.54sec.  Not quite the Senna pace but he was 11th out of 18 students so we were pretty happy!

Learning the Racing Line
Stirling had his first ever “Rookie Races” over the Bank Holiday weekend and although he was nowhere near the standard of the other drivers there he learnt a lot.  One think he did pick up really quickly was the waving to the crowd on the rundown lap after the Final.  Better luck next time son.

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