Wednesday, 4 January 2012

And there it was gone (with the wind!)

It was a tad windy in my neck of the woods yesterday and upon leaving for work I had a feeling something might end up a miss at home but I wasn’t expecting my poly-greenhouse becoming a kite! Here’s the damage and all I can say is that I was a very lucky boy. I’ll explain.

Only the framework remains - the cover is long gone!

I was using it for some Winter protection for my larger Bonsai and some Accent plants. Knowing that my garden can be a bit of a “wind tunnel” at times I took the precautions of weighting the base down coupled with guy ropes attached to the house and ground anchors. It seems that the covering split and then took off but fortunately took the top set of poles with it (mostly). As most of my trees were at ground level they were unaffected but a few bits that were on the large, heavy bench (see photo) did go for a bit of a walk.

So apart for some minor branch and pot damage the contents came out mostly unscathed, thankfully, I came out OK (unlike next doors fence!). This has unfortunately left me with a bit of a problem with storage but I’m more than happy to “donate” my potting shed for a few months rather than have to start again with new material!

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