Friday, 1 July 2011

“Surfs Up!” the cut-price Cornish Tamarisk

This tree is fast becoming one of my favourites, although it’s a pig to work on, so I would like to share it with you. In the Autumn of 2008 this was the ugly duckling of our Club auction so I thought I’d give it a home. It came via Cornwall to Stone Monkey Mansions via a pot trade. Warned by many knowing(?) members that I would be taking on a bush I stuck by my guns and I’m glad I did.

For 18 months this tree lived in a washing up bowl but survived, unlike Andy’s, so last April I felt brave enough to have a crack at it. As you can see not too much to get the bloody pumping. As I had never really taken on any carving before I thought I’d have a go at the first block carving. Happy with the initial result I attempted, badly, at putting some shape and structure into the tree. Later that year at a Club workshop Andy & I got into trouble as he brought out the heavy guns to tackle the larger deadwood areas that my little dermal couldn’t handle. After a few “breaks” to let the tea and biscuit brigade have a natter the work was done.

Fast forward to 2010. More work was done on the structure with all sorts of contraptions to try and get the braches to weep. She’s coming on nicely but desperately needed a re-pot the following Spring.

Summer 2010
Re-pot and new planting angle complete, well almost, here’s where we are as of today. Still a long way to go but the more I’m understanding this tree the more it is improving. The deadwood needs refinement, which I’m hoping to tackle soon but I love the forward movement that we have got into it already making it look like waves crashing on the beach or the horses from the Guinness advert. For those non-UK residents, google it!!

Summer 2011
I’m going to take it to our next Club meeting just to show what can be done for a fiver with patience, determination and a few power tools!! Thanks for looking,

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