Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Frog getting Funky or The music behind my madness!!

It’s funny how thoughts pop into your mind when you’re Clay-dreaming. Whilst checking on the condition of my latest batch of pots that were drying, I notice subtle differences in them and then looked at the CD’s pilled in the corner of my workshop. Mmmm, could this be the answer? Now don’t get me wrong the Frog isn’t trying to get all philosophical here but there does appear to be music in my madness!!

To me clay seems to be a living, breathing creature that needs nurturing to bring out the best (or the best I can do) in it. Casting an eye over what I have produced and the pots in various stages on my benches a musical theme seems to run through them. The more Chilled & Psychedelic music I listen to the more at peace I am and the more “formal” and involved the designs, the more upbeat and frantic the music the looser the design and finish. Strange but true. I can almost now look at a pot and tell you whether it was made listening to The Velvet Underground or Green Day!!

Glazing, to me, seems to be the opposite. The more “crazed” I get the more fluid and funky the finish. Although I’m inspired by Japanese pots my “style” is more eclectic getting inspiration from the internet and even the TV. I was watching a programme on Formula 1 the other evening and got the idea and colour for a glaze splash from the shape of an old ripped sticker on the lens of a F1 snapper!! I really love messing with colours but sometimes have to leave the Sex Plimsolls behind and go for something a bit softer to get that formal finish to one of my “chilled” pots.

So there you have it, for what it’s worth. Music is the food of love and it appears pots. Am I strange or just misguide, I’ll let you be the judge of that but what’s the worst “noise” to create to............... the sound of silence!!

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