Thursday, 10 March 2011

Simon goes Cyber

The time has finally come for me to chart my life’s journey, for good or ill, so welcome to my Blog! It could be happy, it could be sad or just downright silly but with these entries I hope to share with you my version of Top Gear’s “Cool Wall”.

My two main passions, F1 Motor Racing & Bonsai, couldn’t be more opposite. One requires outright speed at the cutting edge of technology and the other is slow and uses age old horticultural and styling techniques. Having worked all my life in the printing trade, design and aesthetics have played a major part so both of these hobbies, although very dissimilar, hold similar artistic qualities.

My passion for Formula 1 started from a very early age and I have been lucky enough to have some totally unique experiences over the years. Bonsai was a later, but no less passionate, interest and I have also had many chances to visit premier Bonsai events thanks to the generosity of my good friend Andy “Stone Monkey” Pearson. In both my “worlds” I have been lucky enough to make many lasting friendships and am using this Blog as a way to celebrate everything that I hold dear.

I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings!!
Love, Peace & Bananas, Simon

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