Thursday, 10 March 2011

I'm not all about miniture trees!!

When I’m not working on Bonsai trees (usually in the Winter) I have time to work on special 1 off motorsport models and I’ve had the chance to create gifts for current Formula 1 driver Mark Webber over the last few years. Here’s a car commerorating 10 years of the Mark Webber Supporters Club depicting liveries from all the teams that Mark had driven for. Many of the transfers used were not commercially available so I had to design and print them myself.  This was given to him as a Christmas gift and the last I heard it was still sitting in his office!!

I sometimes make things for my own collection and get the man himself to sign them. I’m now know by Mark as “The Car Man” and he’s always intereseted in my work. 

I’ve been lucky enough to “race” against him on a few occasions (all be it only in Go-Karts) and as you can see my son Stirling is offering me advice before my next stint . It didn’t help much but at least I can say that I was taken out by a Grand Prix driver!!

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  1. And there is me thinking size matters. My ex wife was so so wrong ;-)