Thursday 22 March 2012

Shhhh, you ain’t seen me, right?

Following a chance conversation with one of my customers it emerged that her husband Shows and cultivates his own Alpine plants. The subject of Bonsai Accent plantings came up and I was kindly invited to see where the magic happens at their home not too far from where I live. Although my friend is still seen as a novice on the local Show circuit some of his tiny little plants took my breath away.

During our discussion about what and where I’m hoping to go with my SUTEKI! Accents business the subject of plant size and availability was raised. At this point I was gifted some very small Saxifraga seedlings that were a perfect size for some of my smaller pots. I planted one of them up and including the pot is smaller than a matchbox in height, a real stunner.

I’m now hoping to introduce some of my new found “additions” to my portfolio at CKB in May but here are a few pictures to tease you with in the meantime - Enjoy!