Friday, 17 February 2012

Preparing for Swindon Pt. 2 – Potting doesn’t get tighter than this!

Andy P from Stone Monkey Ceramics needs no introduction but due to our combined efforts of losing measurements we were a bit behind the 8 Ball with timings for my new pots. Andy was pretty flat out running up to Noelanders so my 2 commission pots for Swindon had to wait until his return. Forever the gentleman he offered to make them in a couple of different sizes for me to choose from. As if he didn’t have enough to do trying to re-stock after his record breaking sales in Belguim making my pots was almost a bridge too far but after frantic phone calls and hectic potting we got there with only days to spare!

As you can see these beauties were well worth the wait - let’s hope my composition doesn’t let this skilled work go to waste!!

Check out his new range of Porcelain pots this weekend as they have raised his already high bar up another notch.

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