Monday, 13 June 2011

Something Brewing - and it ain't Tea!!

Apologies for not posting for a while, where has all the time, and the weather, gone? “Shohin Off” at Willowbog and the Best of British Bonsai in Birmingham, amongst other events, have all been and gone and not a peap (or should that be “plop”) from the Suteki frog!! Well, there have been stirrings in the Suteki Shed (and not all of them curry or Bonsai related) and the time is almost nigh to let the Ribbit out of the bag (terrible pun I know – it’s been a busy few months!!)

Following a conversation with Mr Stone Monkey, a seed was sown which is now starting to sprout. A mutual friend of our used to create Accent plantings but gave up on it so it was suggested that as a way to maybe earn a few bob it was something that I could turn my hand to. Not long after this I was sitting there, clay in my hands ready for the off. After much trial and error (and wine) my 1st ever batch of pots were ready to be fired. Now we wait with baited breath.....................

All being fair in love & war my “efforts” should be available from all good retailers, OK my website (see link) and m’shed, at the end of this month but I’ll do my best Gordon the Gofer and announce when they are “Going Live” as soon as the Stone One tips me the wink.

On the the left some of the pots drying out before they were bisk fired.  Not a bad first stab at it but there is plenty of room for improvement!!  Admittely my pots won’t have the Panache of Pitt, the Brilliance of Barton or the Sexiness of Stone Monkey but they will have a little bit of me in them (weather you like it or not!) and when I’m dead and gone my froggy pots will still be around - I hope!

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  1. May be out of business soon ;-)

    Not long to go now and they will all be fired my friend